The Covid-19 outbreak is having widespread effects on daily life everywhere and requires preventive measures to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum for our customers and employees.

Fermont is fully functional and several actions were taken complying with the recommendations of our company physician, the German Robert Koch Institute as well as the Federal Ministry of Health.

  1. Our employees (office and technical staff) work in separated teams We pay attention that they have no contact to each other. To ensure that we can handle your matter in a professional way even in case of suspicion, we decided, that 2/3 of our office employees is working from home remotely having access to all information.
  2. We increased the standard of hygiene at our office once more. On entering the building visitors and employees have to use hand desinfection immediately. We pay attention to meet the recommended distance among each other. We clean all gripping surfaces sereral times a day, especially the door handles. Our employees are instructed to clean their (mobile) phones several times a day, to wash and desinfect their hands frequently and to use only disposable handkerchiefs, which have to be disposed immediatly. Of course, our technical staff is instructed as well to comply with the hygienic rules.
  3. For customers who are looking to move the comming weeks, we recommend video surveys. The following options are available: The online tool „Moverscan“ for reasons of data protection. Your moving consultant will send you a code on your mobile phone to use the online tool. Now you can send us pictures and other information safely. Because of the special situation we decided to offer you the possibilty for an online inspection via „Skype“ or „Facetime“ als well. But we have to inform you, that we do not have any impact on the data storage, that Skype and Apple (Facetime) perform outside Europe.
  4. If you have already made an on-site appointment with one of our moving consultants and you are showing symptoms and feeling ill, please contact us immediately. Together, we will find a solution.

For any further questions, please contact us by phone 069/979869-0 or by email

Yours, Internationale Spedition H. & C. Fermont GmbH & Co. KG